Many companies are vying to recruit and retain qualified staff to meet and/or exceed their business needs and the decline of business profitability and sustainability is inevitable without reliable resources.


The SOFEI Group is a nonprofit organization that empowers women of the Washington region to emerge from economic instability through education, training, and development.  And, we prepare our clients to meet your staffing needs to strengthen your business Performance. When you become our Employment Partner, you connect our clients to opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.  When we become your Staffing Agent, we provide you with the best candidates to diversify your hiring options to meet your employment goals.


The SOFEI Group strives to decrease and eradicate employment barriers for our clients that are vulnerable to the cycle of poverty.  We believe we can accomplish this with local business partners who work to strengthen the vitality of their surrounding communities through ‘social’ investing. 

Partnership Opportunities

The SOFEI Group can help you achieve your business goals


  • Intern/Probono Partner – Long-term employment gaps create obstacles to gainful employment for our clients.  However, their employment gaps can be the pipeline to highly-skilled, motivated individuals to support ‘understaffed’ or under-budget projects.
  • Contractual Service Partner – Outsource your administrative positions to lower your recruitment expenses, and improve the diversity of your workforce.
  • Permanent Employment Partner – Hire our ‘probono’ clients that have the skills to meet your employment needs.

Partnership Benefits

Hiring our clients is good business.


  • Recognition as a social investor that transforms lives of economically challenged families headed by women.
  • Tax benefits for hiring our clients.
  • Reduction in hiring costs
  • Employment growth and stability

Our Services

  • Career Assessments

  • Business Development Training

  • Microsoft Certification Training

  • Professional Development

  • Workforce Development

  • Certification Testing


Our Client Skills

  • Administrative
  • Back-office support

  • Customer Service

  • Event Planning & Coordination

  • Office Automation

  • Program Coordination

  • Technical Writers

  • Training Coordination

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