The SOFEI Group is excited to launch #InfuseHer - an inspirational movement to motivate women (especially women of color) to transform into the best version of themselves to achieve success in every part of their being!

Why #InfuseHer?

  • Women of Color have made great strides and accomplishments, but still experience barriers in achieving professional and career success.
  • Women of Color are highly represented in low-wage careers that can lead to a cycle of poverty.
  • Women of Color are underrepresented in leadership and management roles because of systemic barriers and bias.
  • Women of Color experience microaggressions and cultural exclusion.
  • Women of Color continue to experience gender and racial wage gaps.

Ways to #InfuseHer?


  • Instill - Be courageous!  Speak life into the lives of women to ignite their minds, souls, and spirits.
  • Invest - Use your gift, time, or talent to help women achieve success on their terms.
  • Inspire - Share your life experiences to motivate women to live authentically and evolve to the best version of themselves.

  • Inform - Share testimonies, resources, and events that will lead to their pathway of self-actualization and self-confidence.

Platforms to #InfuseHer

  • Our website - We will have sample materials to help you inspire women.
  • Instagram - Create stories, send images, and photos with inspirational quotes and messages. Please use #InfuseHer with your posts.
  • Facebook - Use the #InfuseHer tag and reconnect with women you’ve been out-of-touch with.
  • LinkedIn - Share content to help women in your LinkedIn community advance in their careers and/or business.
  • Online Conferencing/Training Tools - Host online networking and training events to foster a community of support and mentoring.