InfuseHer is an online platform to help women of color transform into the best version of themselves and achieve internal and external success.

Why InfuseHer?

  • Women of Color are highly represented in low-wage careers that can lead to poverty.
  • Women of Color experience micro-aggressions and cultural exclusion.
  • Women of Color are underrepresented in leadership and management roles because of systemic barriers and biases.
  • Women of Color continue to experience gender and racial wage gaps.
  • Women of Color made great strides, but still experience barriers in achieving professional and career success.


What are your innate desires?

What do you want to achieve in life?  What desires are dormant within?   


InfuseHer Benefits


  • Best Match - Participate in structured weekly or monthly virtual meetings with an individual coach or InfuseHer allies.
  • Measure Your Progress - Use digital platforms suitable to your desired goals and objectives.
  • Virtual Events - Facilitated by women who are passionate about advancing the lives of women.
  • Cost - It's Free!


  How InfuseHer Works?

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