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Studies over the last decade indicate, women who are trained in a particular skill are more likely to use their skills to increase their earnings, build savings, educate and care for their family, and invest in their community.

The SOFEI Group, Inc. works with women to help them develop and certify their business, professional, and workforce skills to:

  • Advance their careers to increase their earning potential.
  • Gain or hone their skills to enter or re-enter the workforce.
  • Establish or expand their business.
  • Measure and validate their proficiency to use Microsoft Office, Office 365, iCritical Thinking, or IC³.

Our Training

Employable and entrepreneurship skills are key components for women to achieve economic independence and stability. And, we offer business, professional, and workforce development training to women seeking to advance their careers; build or expand their small businesses, or enter or re-enter the workforce.

Our Training Methods

Training is provided on-line, in a workshop (one-day) format or in a modular format (over several weeks) and is delivered in five methods: Self-Directed Learning, Lecture and Participation, Intensive Hands-on, Self-Paced, and Action Learning.

Business & Professional Development Descriptions

Advanced Business Writing - The success to creating business documents (e.g., business plans, proposals, project plans, contracts, strategic plans, and policies and procedures) is a thorough understanding of different document types needed to match specific business situations. Participants of this full-day workshop will learn how to build their skills to write business documents to communicate effectively to their target audience to meet their business goals. Prerequisite: Business Writing

Advanced Communication Skills - In any profession, individuals will be faced with relaying information to others and good communication skills are an essential part to providing messages clearly. Attendees of this workshop will learn how to apply advanced verbal and written communication techniques in the workplace.

Applying Leadership Principles - Teaches attendees how to identify the principles of effective leadership and practical strategies to improve their performance as a leader within their work group or organization.

Business Development & Growth Strategies - Is a full-day workshop for individuals seeking to develop and grow a business venture based on their expertise, passion and current and prospective client's needs.

Business Etiquette - Failing to exercise business etiquette can jeopardize employment and business opportunities. This workshop will teaches etiquette techniques that can enhance personal and professional success.

Business Writing - Teaches the phases of writing to increase writing speed and improve quality in content, style, and grammar.

Coaching Essentials - Is for individuals responsible for helping others meet and/or exceed organizational expectations.

Consulting Skills - Teaches the basics of consulting and its impact in a work environment. In addition, this workshop examines the ethics of consulting, marketing, and how to interact with clients and other consultants.

Effective Business Writing - Teaches effective strategies to develop and express ideas clearly, and persuade others of their viability. And, to exercise diplomacy when writing letters, reports, and shaping arguments. Prerequisites: Grammar Essentials, MS Word and Outlook

Fundamentals of Communication - Provides an overview of the basic principles of business communication, guidelines, and best practices to improve productivity and mutual understanding in diverse business environments. Prerequisites: Microsoft Word Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.

Getting Results without Authority - This workshop teaches strategies to identify and build relationships with people to move projects forward to completion without appearing authoritative.

Leading From the Front: Being a Leader in All You Do - Is the workshop for individuals who need and want to develop leadership skills and influence outcomes more effectively in their organization, home, or community.

Managing Organizational Goals - Attendees will gain skills to establish team-based goals from organizational directives and create and manage an action plan to achieve these goals. Prerequisites: Knowledge of corporate goals, experience with delegating and allocating resources, or What Good Managers Do: The First 100 Days.

Positive Work Environment - A negative work environment interferes with the productivity of staff and the bottom-line of business. However, a positive work environment positions everyone to reach their highest potential while concurrently helping a company grow. This course teaches methods to overcome negative work environments and how to create a positive one.

Problem-Solving Skills - Problem-solving skills are essential to enhancing business knowledge and adding value to an organization. This course teaches the fundamentals of problem-solving skills by defining the problem(s) and the ability to solve individually or using a specialized group.

Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers - Covers the methods for staff members to effectively manage small- to mid-sized projects. Attendees will learn how to: 1) strategically plan a project to achieve the desired results on time and within budget, 2) identify the requirements and resources to work with, 3) monitor the project's progress, and 4) mitigate obstacles that may arise to ensure successful project completion.

What Good Managers Do: The First 100 Days - Teaches new managers the basics of effective management and strategies to avoid common pitfalls. Attendees will learn how to build an internal, supportive network, serve as a team advocate when needed, and coach team members to achieve great work performance.

Women in Leadership - Workshop attendees will learn skills and strategies to overcome leadership challenges that can prevent career advancement. This workshop is ideal for women seeking to enhance their career as a leader within their organization.

Personal Development Descriptions

Creating and Maintaining Life Balance - Workshop attendees will learn methods of improving physical and mental well-being, and how to handle stress in an effective and productive manner.

Contented Living - Attendees will discover and master the ten principles of growth-contented living to experience joy, happiness and personal growth.

Developing Yourself as a Leader - Attendees of this one-day course will learn how to assess their leadership skills and techniques to establish a plan to grow their leadership capabilities.

Effective Communication - Most successful people have strong communication skills. This workshop is designed to help participants conquer communication barriers when attempting to process or express feelings and ideas in verbal or nonverbal messages.

Effective Time Management - Workshop attendees will learn effective time management strategies to direct their energy towards activities that can further their personal and professional goals.

Out of Hock - Out of Debt - This is a crash workshop to teach participants how to eliminate debt through practical debt reducing concepts.

Stress Management - Stress is the internal or external force that causes a person to become tense, upset or anxious. Workshop participants will learn how to break the stress cycle, learn stress-relief techniques, and develop stamina to prevent stress.

Workforce Development Descriptions

Career Development - This workshop will teach participants how to integrate personal and professional goals with their values and life purpose. Workshop participants will learn a career development process to create a focused, tangible plan to achieve balance in all the important aspects of their life and career.

Grammar Essentials - Attendees will learn how to review the rules of grammar, identify common grammar errors, and refine their business writing style.

How to be a Success at Work - Many people fail on the job as a result of little problem-solving skills, new job blues, or difficulty in meeting employer expectations. This workshop will help attendees identify and avoid these problems to improve their effectiveness and success at work.

Interviewing Techniques - Six out of ten people fail to obtain their desired career because of little or no marketing skills. Workshop attendees will learn what employers want, how to respond to interviewer's questions, questions they should ask, interview preparation, and follow-up strategies.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification - Is a performance-based certification that validates the proficiency of desktop computing skills in one or more Microsoft Office applications - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Access. Individuals that hold a MOS certification demonstrates their competence, productivity, and credibility with current and prospective employers. MOS 2010 Certification training is offered in a one-day format, or over six-weeks.

Resume Preparation - This workshop teaches step-by-step methods and techniques to develop a professional resume to land an interview.

Stop Thinking Like an Employee - Approximately half of newly hired employees fail within 18 months after starting a new job. This workshop teaches how to turn an entry-level job into fascinating work with unlimited possibilities.

Surviving a Layoff - This workshop is for individuals that need to learn how to cope with the anger and hurt of being laid off; how to manage their money, and strategies to quickly get off unemployment.

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